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About Residential Liquidation

Residential Liquidation offers a wide range of options when considering the best solution for clients that need to liquidate their estate or business assets quickly. No deal is too big or too small. We assess entire contents of estates and make offers on a few pieces to whole lots based on current market value. Residential Liquidation can help with Business Closeouts, Storage Unit Payoffs, Estate Buyouts, Estate Sales and Baby Boomer Downsizing. Our Buy Out option guarantees our client a fair price, immediate payment, and piece of mind. We currently serve Arizona, California, Las Vegas and Utah. Other locations coming soon.

We have helped several families and businesses in distressed situations associated with aging, the death of a loved one, or perhaps an illness overcome financial barriers by paying cash on the spot. Not all circumstances are bad, other changes are simply the desire to live a more active lifestyle. The benefit of downsizing is once you organize your home, then you organize your life. When you create space in your home, you also create space in your life!

Business Closeouts


We purchase various types of closeout products including excess inventory, general merchandise, liquidation merchandise and returns, offering you a lucrative way to turn your overstock and extra items into money that can be reinvested in your business. Learn more...

Senior Relocation & Transition


Reducing your possessions to life's essentials is key for aging Baby Boomers moving from longtime homes to smaller, more efficient residences. Residential Liquidation specializes in helping Baby Boomers, Seniors downsize and transition into a simpler life style. Over the last few years we have helped many Seniors adjust to major life events. Learn more...

Estate Sales & Buyout’s


Estate sales & buyouts are often the best option for a client that needs to liquidate an estate quickly, needs to raise cash immediately, or has only a brief amount of time to empty a house. Residential Liquidation helps clients who are in need of an estate sale or buyout by purchasing the entire contents of a property for one fair, negotiated price. Learn more...